Truth and Time

Truth is very precious, right?

If you found something true, keep it, protect it! But being thrifty or frugal with truth would lead me to lie most of the time. That brings me to a dilemma: Should I rather keep something or being generous with it? Should I keep the truth that I found or should I being generous with it and tell it everyone I meet? What would you do?

The same with time! Time is very precious as my lifetime is defiantly limited. But I cannot keep it or save it. It’s one of the most common lies we believe today: “I save my time, when I …“ Read the book or watch the movie “Momo and the time thieves” from Michael Ende Take some time and think! Can you save time? We have to spend it. We have to spend it!

Truth and Time

Have a great day and spend your time wisely!
Steffen Cornehl

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