Cornehl Watches Vienna Time 2016

Cornehl Watches at Vienna Time

We had a great time in Vienna metting new and old friends! Cornehl Watches at ViennaTime 2016. That was our first year and it was very sucessfull. It was amaising to see how incradelbe interestet the Austrian watch enthusiast are in German watches. Althogh the typical Vienna resident is a little bit more reserved than a normal German enthusiast, my wife easily overcame this little distance. Once you are in the conversation, its very conforable to ask all kind of questions about the watches, the craft and the background of the brand.

Thank you very much to all who visited us at ViennaTime and for all the good conversations! A very big THANK YOU to all who worked in the background to make this event posible! We are really thankfull!

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Ulrike & Steffen Cornehl

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