Cornehl at Munichtime 2017

Cornehl at Munichtime 2017

Thank you very much! The 1st Place at the Watch election of the Munichtime 2017 (Category until 5000 Euro): Cornehl SC1 Regulator with 436 votes, made us very thankful!

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Cornehl Regulator SC1 steel Munichtime 2017

For us it was the second time being at MunichTime. We had a lot of very good confersations with watch enthusiasts and interested people. Many wanted to know more about the chraftmenship we allpy to finish our watches, the new models and the backgrund of Steffen Cornehl. And also the time in the evenings with the colleages from other watch brand where very enriching for us.

Thank you very much as well to Mr & Ms Kreuzberger, Ms Scheungrab and the team for the great event! For us, it was really succsessful, and we really enjoyed the time in Bayrischer Hof, Munich!

Steffen Cornehl

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