Wrist watch Omega hand winding 30T2PC

Wrist watch Omega hand winding 30T2PC

Description of the watch

Type: Wrist watch
Epoche/Time: 1947/48
Origin: Omega / Switzerland
Description: Hand-winding wrist watch
Case: Steel case
Dial: champagne color dial with Arabic digits
Movement: Caliber 30T2PC, 15 jewels, Swiss lever escapement, number 11261xxx


taking apart of the movement,
cleaning of all parts,
removing the old oil and the dust,
cleaning and polishing of the pinions,
adjust the escapement,
replacing the balance stuff,
manipulating the hairspring,
assembling the movement,
regulating the watch.
The adjustment of the movement was done according to the COCS (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres)
standard: 15 days in 5 positions and 3 different temperatures.
Result: this watch runs very close to this standard on COSC.

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