Until the last century, precision pendulum clocks (PPC) kept the exact time for several months in observatories. From there, time was distributed to public clocks such as the town hall or station clock. Steffen Cornehl has completed his first PPC in 2000. The popular typical regulator dial has its origin in the precision pendulum clocks. [...]

The History

The History Coming from a craftman‘s family in the 3rd generation, The History... Steffen Cornehl from Stuttgart/Germany has a passion for watchmaking. After his apprenticeship in retail at a jeweler, Steffen Cornehl completed his apprenticeship in watchmaking. What followed were many years of practial work including the master craftman‘s diploma. He began to specialize in [...]

What is time? – a watchmakers view …

What is time? - a watchmakers view ... There exist many quotes about time when you search for it. But the best I heard recently is: “Time is nature's way of keeping everything from happening at once. Space is what prevents everything from happening to me.” ² Imaging, all things in your life would happen at [...]

What drives an independent watchmaker?

What drives an independent watchmaker? Working as an independent watchmaker ... does not mean being independent from everything, even from time and space. But it means being independent from the big ones who rule the market. It means to free yourself a bit and take the time and space to dream. And to start putting [...]

the space between your dreams and the reality …

the space between your dreams and the reality … ... is called: action! If you are not sure, whether your dreams will ever come true, just start to live in the direction of your dreams. Martin Luther King said once: "I have a dream ...!" And this dream was so powerful, that it changed an [...]