The Making of a Chronometer detent

The making of a chronometer detent is just one but an importent tasks of a chronometer maker. There are many good watchmakter out there. The speciece of chronometer maker nowadays is very rare. But some of the old masters fortunately wrote down there knowledge to pass it on to a new generation. Alfred Helwig is [...]

Wheel and pinion making 

Wheel and pinion making Making wheels and pinions for a watch the traditional way is an art. To learn this art one need to master the craft first of using the tools and machines that are used 80 or 100 years ago. ... still learning and improving the craft until one becomes [...]

Guilloche Regulator SC1 in stainless steel

Guilloche Regulator stainless steel - We are happy to offer additionally to our classical Regulator dial this silver dial hand engraved and guilloched. It adds a new dimention to our classical watches. Not only the dial is hand made. The hands are hand finished and hand blued too. The dials You can coose between the [...]


Craftsmenship Filing, grinding , polishing , turning, milling , hardening, tempering , Rolling, plating , assembly, fine places ... there are many old techniques necessary to create a watch. Finisching the boss of the minute hand HAndfinishing the cloick spring Drilling the holes for the screw of the golde chaton Cutting the teeth of the second [...]