Cornehl at Munichtime 2017

Cornehl at Munichtime 2017 Thank you very much! The 1st Place at the Watch election of the Munichtime 2017 (Category until 5000 Euro): Cornehl SC1 Regulator with 436 votes, made us very thankful! The results, the winner ...  the original article For us it was the second time being at MunichTime. We had a lot of very [...]

Cornehl Watches Vienna Time 2016

Cornehl Watches at Vienna Time We had a great time in Vienna metting new and old friends! Cornehl Watches at ViennaTime 2016. That was our first year and it was very sucessfull. It was amaising to see how incradelbe interestet the Austrian watch enthusiast are in German watches. Althogh the typical Vienna resident is a [...]

MunichTime 2016 Watch-Election

MunichTime 2016 Watch-Election on We hardly can believe! Our SC1 Regulator won the 3rd price in the category II (up to 4.000 Euro). 1.400 watch fans used the chance to vote out of 59 watches in 6 categories. Thank you very much for your vote! We're apreciating very much your support to make known [...]