October 2020 // CORNEHL Watches


In a fast-moving world, where everything must be quick, efficient and cheap, we are used to do different things at the same time: Communicating with different people over different channels about different topics, trying to concentrate on many things at the same time. We strive for omnipresence so we don’t miss out on something.
The result is that we lose the ability to focus on one thing for a longer time. But if you want to achieve something significant, exactly this ability is needed.
Some time ago, I read a very interesting TIME article by Cal Newport on the ability to focus without distraction that caught my interest. I started to observe myself to find out how often I get distracted and kept from doing the things I want to do. Compared to others, I seem to be relatively focused already. But … I am a watchmaker. I make watches by hand. The ability to focus is vital to make great watches.
A lot of focus and craftsmanship went into the timepieces of my current collection. To be honest, more than I thought in the beginning. In the future I plan to create the entire movement by hand.
There are a lot more skills to be learned to achieve this goal. But one key definitely is to increase my ability to focus. In these days one thing that helps me is slowing down. Here in Germany it is autumn time. The leaves get very colourful, the days get shorter, when I arrive at my workshop in the morning it is still dark. Somehow that helps me to take my time. Focusing on the things that are important rather than pacing through the day.
How much time do you spend focusing on the very things you want to do? How long can you sit still doing that one thing? Have a great day and keep your focus!

Cornehl Classic Black

The counterpart to our Classic Silver model: Full of contrasts – the polished and rhodinized numbers and steel hands show off their beauty on the matte black background. 
On the basis of Unitas 6498 this movement has a handmade 3/4 bridge with gold chatons and swan-neck fine adjustment.

The swan-neck fine adjustment

The swan-neck is es very elegant and precise way to ensure a fine adjustment of our watches. We use it for all our time pieces.
It also has a long tradition in german watchmaking. In this video the swan-neck is grounded and polished.