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7-year Warranty


Performance adjustments
after the first 3 months

Premium Service Package

  • Voucher for the first revision
  • Annual spring check for water resistance and performance
  • Voucher for a second leather strap
  • Individual engraving
  • Documentation of the creation of your watch
  • Traveling watch box
  • 7-year warranty
  • Performance adjustments to your personal wearing behavior after the first 3 months

Now 700 €

Sample watch service

Our sample watch service is a special offer for all those who cannot visit us in Stuttgart. Here is how it works:

  • Delivery of one or two watches of your choice to your home
  • Expert consultation service via phone
  • Pick-up of the sample watches

For insurance reasons the sample watches are without timekeeping function.

Sample watch service

We offer a special service for all those who cannot visit us in Stuttgart: our example watch service. We send you a set of 1-2 watches to try at home.

We consult with you via phone once the watches are in your hands. After that a carrier will pick up the watches from your home.

For insurance reasons the example watches are without function.

Cornehl Series


Regulator Series


Classic Black Series


Classic Silver Series


White Roman Series