Private Series

Special individual wishes are posible. For example the desing of the dial (your personal Logo, Hands and case finish of persolan engravings can be made. Talk to us.

7-year warranty (84 months)

7-year warranty

The mechanical timepieces by Steffen Cornehl ensure longlasting joy and precision for its owner and generations to come.

We now offer a 7-years warranty for our watches which a vital part of our philosophy. We continuously invest in longtime relationships to our customers.

This warrenty offer is part of the Cornehl Care Service program. With this we want to help our clients to understadn and better take care of thier watches.

Included in the price


7-year warranty

The most beautifull
idea of time

With our watches, we want to inspire you to again contemplate the uniqueness of time.

With a watch that is constantly in motion, but precisely returns to its starting point every day.

We invite you to rediscover with our timepieces the love of this simple yet beautiful symbol of juxtaposed perishability and eternity.

Inrevies and articles

Introducing the Affordable and Teutonic Cornehl Regulator

Located in Stuttgart, Steffen Cornehl is a watchmaker specialising in restoration,having been part of the team that worked on the timekeepers inside the Peterhof Palace museum in St Petersburg in the early 2000s.

For several years now the 42-year old has been producing his own watches. All inspired by historical precision timekeepers like military deck watches and powered by Unitas movements he modifies himself...

Chances are, you’ve never heard the name Steffen Cornehl before. That’s because he is an independent watchmaker of the more obscure variety. He doesn’t come from one of the major brands, nor is he based in Switzerland. Instead, he works out of a small studio in Stuggart, Germany, where he restores antique clocks and vintage watches, while slowly building a following of dedicated enthusiasts for his own watches. His customers appreciate his passion for handcrafting historically-inspired watches using traditional techniques, as well as the degree of customization he offers. Not to mention his exceedingly reasonable prices.

Several years ago, I realized something about myself: I am highly motivated, when I can learn something new. It energizes me to do something I never did before and I don’t yet have the skills to do. It’s not only the result that challenges me. But moreover, the process of improving the skills and finally gaining the ability to do it, is very appealing to me.

Nowadays, in the information age,you can get all information about nearly everything. If you want for example know how to build a power plant, I am sure there are some web sites or YouTube videos explaining “How to build your own DIY power plant”...

As luck would have it a German watchmaker travels to St. Petersburg, Russia, in the late 90s. Like many curious tourists, he visits the legendary Peterhof, the “Russian Versailles”. When the expert sees the extensive and exquisite collection of clocks, he asks irritatedly: “Why are all these movements standing still, why aren’t they running?” The simple answer of the museum’s staff:  “We have no one who is able to repair them.” This is when the specialist has an idea: He quickly involves renowned colleagues who are organized in a professional group. Since that day, the horologists travel to St. Petersburg once or twice a year to make the impossible possible – with expertise and a lot of stamina...